With extensive experience in Cuba since 1994, the team at ASG has planned, coordinated and executed numerous executive missions by Americans to Cuba.
At ASG, a group of expert professionals has come together to provide a variety of consulting services necessary for success in Cuba.  ASG identifies economic development projects and assesses economic and political risks for its clients.  ASG provides strategic planning, trade and investment planning, and public affairs consulting services to Americans seeking to do business in Cuba.
Doing business in Cuba can seem complex.  ASG understands the Culture, the People and the Process in Developing Business Relations in Cuba.
ASG develops and manages relationships in Cuba for American business entities, academic and scientific institutions, and individuals with an interest in Cuba.
Success in Cuba typically involves economic development projects that:
- Focus on the current social, political and economic needs of Cuba.
- Identify American companies that address the needs of Cuba.
Currently, companies and entities that establish an operational base in the Mariel Free Trade Zone show a great promess of success.