Advantages of investing in Cubacuba crucero


1. Reorganization of the country’s policies, based on the updating of the economic model; these policies will define a new role for foreign investment and prioritize a more aggressive promotion thereof in the country.


2. A regulatory framework and updated foreign investment policy with guarantees and incentives for investors.


3. Legal, social and political stability.


4. A highly qualified personnel.


5. A favorable geographic location.


6. Availability of natural resources.


7. Existence of a special development zone with a modern port for ships with a maximum draft of 17,0 m and state-of-the-art technology.


8. Access to maritime transportation by the main international shipping companies.


9. The multilateral and bilateral trade and investment agreements signed by Cuba.


10. Existence of an investment promotion agency (Center for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment –CEPEC by its Spanish initials), subordinated to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment (MINCEX by its Spanish initials), which has connections and agreements with counterparts.


11. Existence of a Chamber of Commerce that has links with similar organizations from other countries and has carried out investment promotion actions.


12. Existence of embassies and commercial representative offices abroad.




Note: The content of this article is taken from the document "Cuba Investor Guide", at CEPEC (Centro para la Promoción del Comercio Exterior y la Inversion Extranjera en Cuba). You can download the document here.